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Iggland, M., Müller, R., Mazzotti, M. "On the Effect of Initial Conditions in Viedma Ripening" Cryst. Growth Des. Link

Hariharan S., Werner M., Hänchen M., Mazzotti M. "Dissolution of dehydroxylated lizardite at flue gas conditions: II. Kinetic modeling" Chem. Eng. J. Link

Werner M., Hariharan S., Zingaretti D., Baciocchi R., Mazzotti M. "Dissolution of dehydroxylated lizardite at flue gas conditions: I. Experimental study" Chem. Eng. J. Link

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Marx, D., Joss, L., Casas, N., Schell, J., Mazzotti, M. "Prediction of non-isothermal ternary gas-phase breakthrough experiments based on binary data" Adsorption Link

Ochsenbein, D.R., Schorsch, S., Vetter, T., Mazzotti, M., Morari, M. "Growth Rate Estimation of β l-Glutamic Acid from Online Measurements of Multidimensional Particle Size Distributions and Concentration" Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. Link

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Choice of the focal point position using Lasentec FBRM,
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